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During your holiday, you will certainly meet two very popular characters, Lollo the Giraffe and Bernie the Bear. They both love to play and have fun with the children. Information on prices and times for all the activities described below can be found in Help YourSelf Desk and in the Children’s Holiday Planner. 

Meet Lollo & Bernie!
Lollo and/or Bernie walk around the pools, MiniLand, breakfast area to wave and to give big hugs to all the children in the resort.

Open House
You and your children are welcome to join our open activities without signing in. Being the parent, you are responsible for your child during these activities. They are free of charge and open to everyone who wants to participate.

Paid Activities
Fun Adventures in Miniland during the week; like Birthday Party, Mini Police or Treasure Hunt, with different activities within the themes every week. The MiniLand Hosts take care of the children for 1.5 hours. A time for parents to relax and children to have fun!

Sign up in Help Desk (limited number of participants)
The activity includes candy, fruit, cake or ice-cream, so please inform about allergies.

Kids' Aerobics
30 minutes of music, games and exercise for the children (from 3 years) in our Fitness Room.

Play & Splash
30 minutes of music, games and exercises in the pool for children from 3 years.

Click Here for the Holiday Planner